Study Plan for Camberwell School of Art



I started sculpting when I was 11, inspired by a sculptor who was going out with my sister. I copied his work of wild animals and the beautiful people from the Masai Mara. I still love modelling in clay and wax and get enormous pleasure from the tactile quality of the material and its responsiveness and sensitivity.

I thoroughly enjoyed developing my modelling skills at the Sculpture Academy, while working from a live model and creating works to scale or larger. I also relished the opportunity to work with other materials : stone, wood, and steel and mixed media. In particular, I love the sugary quality and warmth of some soft sandstone and the process of working with a material that has its own personality. “Fractured Life” was a single piece of Portland Stone that I had hoped to carve in one piece. Life is not predictable and the work is all the more satisfying having broken twice, it has evolved to become a stronger and more interesting piece.

Steel gives me the opportunity to work at a larger scale which I really enjoy. I am currently working with wire mesh “ Steel Gabion “ which has so many possibilities for expression and I’m looking forward to adding form, colour, sound, light, and airflow to the sculpture wall.

I am keen to explore new media and mixed media and hope to create a space which works on many levels to stimulate and give joy. I would like to develop my skills with new media and mixing media. Technology is a bit of a challenge for me, but I hope to have more fun with it and see what is possible and where that might take me.




I would like to create an atmosphere or feeling for the viewer that is generally positive and uplifting. I have never worked with sound or light or film but feel there is an opportunity to create some experiential art and installations that engage more fully with the public. I also want to continue developing my interest and skills with physical media using my hands.

I like colour, light and shade, shadows, movement with the play of light. I like things that are fun and playful.

I want to explore ways in which nature and natural forces can help create a more dynamic sculpture, whether it be the arc of the sun, the breeze in the air or the flow of water. Initially I want create a tidal sculpture to anchor and float in the river at Creekside where the audience sat in their stationary traffic curdled car can enjoy some light relief with a bright, vibrant and engaging work which evolves at different times of the day with the tidal movement. I also have further work to explore with the Gabion steel wall.

The new medium I would like to explore is to meld light and music to create something special on the underneath of the DLR . The sweep of the DLR track creates a beautiful canvas underneath, on which to paint the light and sound sculpture.


I was so impressed with the works at this year’s MA show, I was amazed with the technology and what is possible. I have to thank my friend Terry Quinn, for inviting me and encouraging me to give myself time to explore my potential, if it’s not too late.





Sound and light are new media for me so I would have to start with some basic web based research about what type of works have been created over time, how the works have evolved with the improvement in technology, and how artists have adapted and responded to the opportunities. I don’t want to master the technology but I want to have sufficient understanding of how to make the most of what is available.

The other area of interest is designing creating and making which I will continue to explore and practice. Again the basic research will take place on the internet to see how other artists have made floating sculptures and sculptures that respond to the rise and fall of the tide. The process for creating the tidal sculpture will start with sketch ideas about the size, form and function of the piece. Once I have established a few preferred designs I will create a small model and stress test the concept to ensure that it can be made viably and is technically feasible. It will have moving parts and it is in a marine, salty environment so these exogenous factors will have an impact on the design and choice of materials etc.

I will consult with an expert friend of mine from the world of set design, and a mathematician, to ensure the design is technically sound. I will need the assistance of fabricators to complete the work and to install it in location. Permission would be sought from The Port of London Authority and Environment Agency.




With regards to the sound and light sculptures I will need to meet and discuss the ideas with specialists in these fields to explore the idea and understand what is possible. I will need access to music equipment and lighting equipment. Once I have an understanding of the tools we can start the creative process.


The other area of interest is very much design create and make. I will need to have access to a range of materials from, drawing, to clay, plaster, wax, resin, steel, wood and stone. I will also need to have access to all the necessary tools and a suitable working area to create with these materials.


I am fascinated by 3D printing and so I am also curious to see how the new technologies might help me in my progression. I’m excited to hear that the new studios will have even better facilities and equipment with which to explore.